Pinterest has a unique environment to connect with your audience and target them to make brand awareness or increase your sales. For the target audience on Pinterest, you need a strong strategy. Because there are more than 70 billion users, you can showcase your brand to them and increase engagement on Pinterest.

You should pay attention to your audience’s style or taste and interest in this strategy. Someone uses Pinterest to find food ingredients or see food and desert photos for Inspiration for their wedding. On the other hand, there are many people on Pinterest for fashion style, home decoration, creative things etc. In this article, AD1 helps you to find a power strategy to target Pinterest users for your brand and increase your engagement on this social media.

1) to be audience-centric on Pinterest

Remember, all of the users on social media are real humans and you should interact with them cleverly. Although, when you show your brand or product with a direct advertisement, maybe Pinterest users skip them and don’t pin or share your photos and videos. You don’t use be blatantly promotional on this social media. The best way to increase engagement on Pinterest and pay attention to this platform is to use the photo and video same as other posts and use the creativity button or CTA to send people to your target URL.

2) Become a credible resource for Pinterest users

You should become a credible resource for Pinterest users. For example, if you have a food page on Pinterest, your ingredients should be unique and your photos and videos should be interesting. If you pin different food photos on this platform, users trust your page and save your pin. Then they share your pins with others and your follower number on Pinterest grows. After a while, your Pinterest page became a credible resource.

3) Engage and interact with your audience

When you start work on Pinterest, this is the first step to starting a conversation with this platform’s users. Some left a comment on your post and said their opinion on your pins. This is the best way to increase engagement on Pinterest.

For making interactions with other users on Pinterest, you should pay attention to their comments and interact with their kindness. If the users have a question about your pins, You should answer their question completely. Engaging and interacting with Pinterest users help you to increase your followers and make a strong brand on this platform.

Engage and interact with your audience

Engage and interact with your audience

4) Optimize your Pinterest profile

Add your website address to your Pinterest account. This is a good way to guide people to use your product or services. Also, you should add your keyword to the “ABOUT” section to find the user’s brand with this keyword on Pinterest search.

If you have other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc. accounts, this is the best opportunity to introduce them to a Pinterest audience. For that, add your social network account link on the “ABOUT” section to follow the Pinterest audience of your brand on other networks.

5) Pins unique post on Pinterest

Someone uses their website or other network content to share on Pinterest. This is a good way to show your audience what your brand works, but paying attention to these posts should be few. If you need to increase engagement on Pinterest, make a unique post or use credible resources to the trust.

Your pins should follow the 80/20 percent rule. 20 percent is pinned on duplicating your website or other network information, and 80 percent to pin other source data or make a unique post for Pinterest.

Pins unique post on Pinterest

Pins unique post on Pinterest

6) Use creative photos with little text

Pinterest’s work is based on sharing photos or videos. Foe gets the attention of this platform users and increases engagement on Pinterest, you should share creative high-quality photos. Be careful, writing a short text on the photos and allowing people to enjoy seeing them.

7) Direct your followers to specified links

Pinterest is a Showcase of your website or your business. When you pin your product or services with that cost, there should be a direct link to send people on your website category. Check links after sharing and enjoy sales and increase engagement on Pinterest.

8) Create boards for your collections

This is very important! Organize your pins with their subject or create a board based on a collection of your pins on the pictures. These boards are a resource of your page for your audience and they can visit their favorite boards.

6) Credit your pin sources

People trust your Pinterest page if you are writing a website or source of your external pins.  This is an important thing to increase engagement on Pinterest, but some don’t pay attention to that. Remember, other brands show their pins on their social network and your audience sees them. Sharing other websites or social posts on Pinterest without resources will damage your reputation.

7) Use hashtags and description

Pinterest users read descriptions of pins to understand anything about photos or videos. If you write an interesting complete description for your post, users find your pest better. Another hand, if you add related and specific hashtags on your pins, your brand audience finds your pins easy and increases engagement on Pinterest for your pages.

8) Follow another brand on Pinterest

Pinterest is a famous social media site and there are lots of small and big businesses. You can follow them, forget the new idea and engage with them by following save pins, sharing their post, or leaving a comment. This way helps you to get the attention of their users and make great communication with other brands and increase engagement on Pinterest.


In this article AD1 agency shows you some ways to improve your brand awareness on Pinterest and increase engagement on Pinterest. What do you think about this method? Please leave a comment.  If you are new to Pinterest, we can help you to improve your page with direct ways of Pinterest ads. Fill in the below form for connecting with our team.

FAQ about increasing engagement on Pinterest + answer

1) Why is my Pinterest engagement so Weak?

There are many answers to this question. One of them is, your content is not interesting for Pinterest people, they don’t share that.

2) What is a good engagement on Pinterest?

The best engagement on Pinterest is 100%. This happens when all of your pins save for the first time.

3) How does Pinterest measure engagement?

Divide all of the engagement of your pins to your pin visits. This includes your pin save, click and etc.