CPL or Cost Per Lead Ads

Why Do We Recommend CPL or Cost Per Lead Ads?

A CPL advertisement is where you pay for each lead you generate. When you advertise, your investment can often go down the drain without achieving results. But with the CPL result-oriented advertising method, we are in charge of the entire process of producing and disseminating advertising content. Your advertisements will appear on local Persian language media, international platforms, search engines, and social networks for free. Our clients are encouraged to complete a consultation, communication, newsletter, or lead form; the deposit is deducted only for information submitted (contact information, email address, etc.)

Pay Per Potential Customer Attracted or Sales Leads

As a result of our awareness of users’ interests and behavior in cyberspace, we publish your ads in international media outlets based on what you provide and who you target. Our focus is always on creating quality leads, despite how many files we generate.

What Is the Cost of Attracting each Lead From a CPL Ad?

Approximately seven to ten days after posting the CPL ads, you will be able to determine a rough estimate of the price per potential customer in your campaign. You should be aware that during the early weeks and days of a result-oriented campaign, the cost of each conversion is higher than usual, and it will decrease with continuous optimization. All that is left is to decide how many leads you will need to buy monthly once the price of each lead is established. Each day, we will provide you with several leads depending on the budget you choose. Your job will be to expand your business by converting potential customers into actual customers.

CPL  Result-oriented Campaign Steps

In this way, if your potential customers and contacts fill out a newsletter form, contact information, or consultation request, you will pay for the information received, such as contact number or email address, or sales leads, depending on the budget.

Based on your products and target market, we publish CPO advertisements in international networks (e.g., Google Ads, Google Display Network, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads , Instagram ads, Messenger, Video banners, and Persian language media).  Additionally, Ad1 Advertising Agency links to custom landing page, where a form is put in for your business. Users fill out the form, and leads are obtained. For each lead you receive, you pay.

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