How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube?

In general, advertising on YouTube is much cheaper than Google AdWords search network. Advertising on YouTube has different methods that you can control the purpose of the show or the type of payment, if you are not familiar with the different methods of managing the cost of online advertising, better Leave it to our experts to do so. With the planning and budgeting we do for you, you can get the best results from your investment in this area.

Different types of ads on YouTube

For a cost-effective video marketing strategy that engages your customers, you need to understand the ins and outs of YouTube’s Trueview system. Featuring at least a 30-second runtime, these ads represent the perfect opportunity to showcase product demos and customer testimonials. While they can be skipped after five seconds, this is actually a positive, as you won’t waste your budget on disinterested people. To support your TrueView ads, we can create a clear call-to-action that appeals to your audience and maximises conversions. Thanks to years of experience developing sharp, optimised strategies, our video ad campaigns reach your customers, boost sales and generate traffic.

TrueView In-stream

Appearing before, during or after YouTube videos, TrueView in-stream ads have the added benefit of being shown in other places within Google’s Display Network, including apps and games. These videos can be as long as three minutes, plus they are accompanied by a display ad that links directly to your website. If you’re looking to generate an increase in brand awareness, sales or website traffic, a carefully curated strategy based around this format could generate significant growth. In-stream ads also provide great value, as you only pay when the viewer watches for 30 seconds or clicks on your ad.

TrueView Discovery

For businesses seeking a non-intrusive marketing campaign, TrueView Discovery ads can be optimised to achieve outstanding results. With no limits on how long these videos can be, they’re ideal for showcasing new products, long-form content and boosting brand awareness.

Recommended to users on YouTube’s homepage, in search results or in the sidebar, this format is also easy on your budget as you only pay-per-click. We’ll find a solution to capturing the attention of your target market, as our tailored marketing strategy includes striking video titles and body text that won’t be ignored.

TrueView for Reach -youtube ad management agency

TrueView for Reach

As one of YouTube’s more recent advertising options, TrueView for Reach offers a different way to approach your campaign goals. The major distinction compared to the rest of TrueView’s offering is Reach’s streamlined payment process, as you only pay per 1,000 views of your six to 30-second video. For businesses working with a small budget, TrueView for Reach is an economical way to highlight your services to a wide array of people.

Non-Skippable Ads

Non-skippable is another type of YouTube ad that cannot be rejected. The length of this type of non-skippable video ad can be between 7 and 15 seconds, and you only pay for this type of ad when the user sees it for more than 6 seconds.
If you want users to see your ad in full, setting up Non-skippable ads on YouTube may be a good option for you. First, make sure your video is engaging and focused enough to make your product clear to your target audience. Your video should convey your message visually and visually to the user. This means that when the user is not interested in watching your ad, they should be able to hear your message via voice.
The key to the success of this type of advertising on YouTube is professional targeting.


In this method of YouTube video advertising, you only have 6 seconds to attract the user’s attention. Since these ads are short, they are suitable for mobile phone users
You can create a 6-second boomer version of your videos for users to create a list of people who have interacted with the ad.

Bumper ads are a clever way to grow your brand exposure and communicate a clever, memorable message. Paid for based on impressions, these video snippets can unleash your brand awareness when combined with a tailored approach.

Connect with the right audiences for you

YouTube has one of the largest online audiences. We make sure your brand is the one they connect with.

Youtube Targeting Options:

Where is YouTube advertising displayed?

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With AD1 , you can feel confident your campaign is being looked after by the very best. Our marketing experts are on the cutting-edge of YouTube’s frequent changes, so we know how to target your audience with precision. Whether you’re looking to generate website traffic, promote a specific product or build brand awareness, we can create a powerful strategy that resonates with your audience.

By crafting clickable titles and call-to-actions alongside a deep understanding of your target market, we’ll deliver an ideal demographic that’ll grow your business. Based on our proven research-driven strategies, our clients see exceptional results from their YouTube video ads. If you want to take the potential of your video ads to new heights, get in touch and find out how we’ll deliver superior results.