Do you have any accounts on Pinterest? What do you think about improving users’ engagement on this social media? AD1 agency helps you to find this question answer.

Pinterest is a social media for everyone. who loves a whole album of fantastic photos. On Pinterest, You can see the collection of food photos, women or men styles or nature, etc. everyone sees Pinterest for inspiration about anything such as home decoration. This app helps people see lots of photos of different home decorations next to each other and compare them.

Small business can improve their brand awareness, Seles, and engagement with their audience with activity in this platform. For that, you need a Pinterest business account.

If you don’t have an account on Pinterest or are active with your personal account, we have a complete article about creating a Pinterest business account in the AD1agency blog. To start, create an account on Pinterest based on the guide, then follow this article to learn tactics to improve Pinterest engagement. These are secrets of influencers, and favorite brands looked different from others on Pinterest.

1. Create Multiple Boards for brand

If your brand engagement is low and you don’t understand why! check your brand board number. When you use one or two boards with many pins, your audience doesn’t spend time seeing them. But, when you create several boards with different categories, that is interesting for your audience and see more photos of your pins.

Naming your Pinterest board helps your audience find anything they want, and this is a good roadmap for them. This is the first step of improving Pinterest Engagement, but most businesses don’t pay attention to that.

 Be careful, to choose the name of boards, to avoid a long and complicated term. The Pinterest board name should be short and easy to use. With this syntax, you can help people find their favorite things and improve your Pinterest engagement.

2. Sharing other user content

What do you think about sharing another person or brand’s content on your Pinterest account? Do you know this is an excellent way to improve Pinterest engagement? For sharing other Valuable Content on Pinterest, you should search for related keywords to your brand and boars. Then, select the save red button from pinning the content. After that, choose your board to pin the content on that. Then people see these contents between your contents, and your Pinterest board don’t boring board with the same content.

3. Create a beautiful photo for the board cover

Open some Pinterest accounts and see their boards carefully! What do you think about the content of the boards? Pay attention to their cover photos. The board’s cover photos help the audience to know the board better. You can use related photos to boards and guide the audience to find their search-related content.

You can use more than one photo for board cover photos and write the board name on them. For a better user experience of your Pinterest board and to improve Pinterest engagement, AD1 Agency suggests using the short word.

Also, you can use the brand logo, different colors, etc. On the cover photo, these photos are changeable. After many times, you can change the board cover and get new audiences’ attention by following the brand page on Pinterest.

4: Use Long Images

Start to see Pinterest photos and compare sharing photos. Which one of them is more interesting for you? Extended photo or square photo? A case study of Pinterest behavior shown, long photos are more interesting for this social media user. When choosing colorful long photos for your boards, you can get more attention from users on this platform and improve Pinterest engagement.

5: choose multi-color photos

One of the best ways to improve Pinterest engagement is to use multi-color photos. A study on Pinterest users shows colorful photos are repined more than three times in a single color. When searching for interesting photos for Pinterest, be careful to choose photos without the background of the human face. Because if you use the background of humans face in photos of Pinterest, you get less engagement than a photo with only a design single color or background of nature, etc.

6. Make a great conversation with your audience.

Likes other social Media, On Pinterest, you can send direct messages and leave a comment. When someone repins on save your photos, you can say thanks with a personalized message in a direct message.

When users see your message, they to be impressed by your board and try to check your other photo sharing. Also, you can send catalogs of your product or services to them. The better way to improve Pinterest engagement and get more users on this social media is by sharing gift carts or discount photos in a direct message.

Another way to improve your Pinterest engagement is to say tanks in the comment to users pin or saves your photos. For this job, find the pin and leave a comment on the box top of the red comments button. Then click the button to send a message.

7. Use Pinterest Analytics

Have you ever used google analytics? That is an essential tool to find the site users’ behavior. We have the same tools to analyze pins’ and save photos On Pinterest. When using Pinterest Analytics, you understand your post on Pinterest is enough or not!

In Pinterest Analytics, you can see the average of your Pinterest viewer and average engagement of your account. Also, Pinterest Analytics gives you average daily imprecation and viewer. You can analyze your account every day, month, etc., and improve Pinterest engagement of your account by sharing the best post.

8. Find the best time to share the post on Pinterest.

Improve Pinterest engagement depends on the time of post your content. If your audience cannot see your post, they can’t repin or save them. Therefore, you should find the best time to share posts on Pinterest. The best time to post your content on Pinterest is between 8–11 p.m. or 2–4 p.m. and 2–4 a.m. also; you can use Pinterest analytics to find the best time for your account.

9. Create Pinterest Promoted Ads

Advertising on Pinterest is an excellent way to increase your engagement on this social media. There are many kinds of ads for Pinterest, and you can choose the best one for your business. In this way. You should pay cos based on a view, imprecation, or engagement rate.

10. Increase engagement With Call-to-Action

Pinterest is social media based on show albums of photos. You can use an interesting Call-to-Action on the top, center or button of photos and push people to save photos, go to your website, etc.

What’s your trick for improving Pinterest engagement?

Everyone has a different way to use social media and engage people. For example, many accounts use their photos to Communicate with other people on Pinterest. What do you think about this method?

Are you ready to Increase your Pinterest account engagement?

If you are new to Pinterest and want to create a Pinterest business account, increase your engagement rate or run Pinterest ads, AD1 agency helps you.