Do you want to run Pinterest ads?

What do you know about advertising on Pinterest? AD1 agency helps you learn anything about this method.

What do you think about seeing one album with lots of photos? This is exciting entertainment for everyone. Also, this is get inspired people to find new ideas for everything. For example, if you buy a new apartment or new house and need to design that, this album can help you. Pinterest with more than one million photos and 400 million users playing this album role.

You can see a lot of photos about food on this platform with integration and make different delicious healthy food for your family. Also, Pinterest helps find the best style for men or women, tips and tricks of marketing, and know amazing things about other country’s cultures.

If you have a small business and want to promote your product or services efficiently, Pinterest is the best platform for your goals. In this platform, ads don’t show the same pop-up and nuisance by users. Everyone sees your ads like another photo on Pinterest and saves your pins on their board. Other hand, Pinterest users click on the link to the website or YouTube link on the pins and increase your website traffic and your sales.

Are you ready to start Pinterest ads? AD1 agency helps you to know the Pinterest platform, type of advertising on Pinterest, the run campaign on Pinterest, and cost of ads in this platform. Follow this article and know Pinterest advertising better.

Know the Pinterest platform

Pinterest is a great social media for sharing photos, videos, or a collection of products. Everyone can create a personal account on Pinterest and pin their photos or videos. For the collect same photo on one page of Pinterest, you can create boards with different names and covers.

If you want to run ads on Pinterest, there are many ways to create a business account on this social network. Crate Pinterest business account in Pinterest is free and you can convert your personal account to a business account.

To use this platform you should know Pinterest pages. Below we talk about that.

Pinterest Home page

When search Pinterest in google or type Pinterest URL in browsers and press enter, you can see the first page of this social media. This is the home page of Pinterest. There are lots of pin photos and videos and you can scroll down and see them.

This feed show photo and video based on the keyword search or board you choose to be interested in.

Pinterest search box

If you can’t find anything on the home page, the search box for printers helps you. Type your main keyword on the search box and find ideas for your goals. For example, if you have kids and need great entertainment for them, search “kids hobbies” and find a great idea on Pinterest. Some of these ideas are Pinterest ads, but you can’t find differences between them and other photos.

Pinterest Messages box

If you see an amazing photo or video on Pinterest and want to share that whit your friend, a message box can help you. In the message box, you can share Pinterest pins with your friends. Also, businesses can send their discount, new products links, etc. to Pinterest users with this part.

Pinterest Messages page

Where is go my pin or my save on Pinterest? If you have the same question, checked your profile on Pinterest. You can find your board, your pins, and your saves on this page. When you pin some photo or video on Pinterest, there are shares beside together on the profile page. To arrange them, you can create different boards and pin related things on them.

What is Pinterest Advertising?

Now we know the Pinterest platform and how it is work.  In this part, we are talking about advertising ways in this social media and how can run them.  First of all, we should know what Pinterest ads are and who can use them.

Pinterest ads is a great way to increase brand awareness, website traffic, sales and promote new product or services. If you want generated leads or increased customers, Pinterest ads help you.

Ads on Pinterest have the same style things other people shares and Pinterest users see them beside other photos or videos. This is the best way to get the attention of this platform users and grow company seals. But you should have a great strategy for running a successful Pinterest advertising campaign.

If you are new to this platform or you don’t have a plan or strategy for Pinterest ads, AD1 agency helps you run campaigns on Pinterest based on your budget with the best result. Contact us and start your first campaign on Pinterest.

Difference Pinterest marketing and Pinterest advertising

Pinterest advertising is kind of Pinterest marketing or not? When we should use Pinterest marketing and when choosing Pinterest advertising? These are some of Pinterest users’ questions. AD1 solves this problem and helps you to understand the difference between them.

Pinterest marketing

When you have a great strategy for growing your Pinterest account and sharing pins with the main keywords based on user search, your pins show more users on Pinterest and increase your website traffic. Also for achieving the best result in Pinterest marketing, you should share great photos and videos and choose them smartly. This method is a great way to save users your photo and video and grow your business page or your website, but this is slow and takes a lot of time.

Pinterest advertising

Pinterest ads work based on paid and short Pinterest marketing time to improve your seals, show your new products to Pinterest users, or increase traffic on your website. If you can’t wait to get the attention of Pinterest users slowly or you want to run a campaign to increase seals or lead generation. This method is better than Pinterest marketing.

4 important things before starting ads on Pinterest

Ready to start Pinterest ads? For the first step, you should know the concepts of advertising on this platform. We can help you to know the terms of interest to run successful ads.  In the below, you can learn 4 terms for Pinterest advertising.

Pinterest pins

All of the things you can share in this platform pins. Such as photos, videos, etc.

Pinterest Pinners

Pinterest has More than 400 million users. They are known as pinners.

Pinterest Targeting

This term uses when you target someone or a group of Pinterest users to show ads.

Pinterest Ads Manager

This is used When you planning to run advertising on Pinterest. Pinterest Ads Manager helps you to do this job.

Why do we run Pinterest ads?

Many businesses use Pinterest for promoting themselves, but every business has a different target for Pinterest ads. Some of them are new and run advertising to get the attention of Pinterest users, on the other hand, some businesses need to increased their video views and run ads based on this plan. Here we tell you about different Pinterest advertising goals. After reading this part, you can plan your ads on this platform better.

Pinterest Ads for Brand recognition or brand awareness

If your brand is new and wants to introduce that to Pinterest users, this is your goal.

Pinterest advertising for Video views

When you have a video about how can use the product, introduce your company or services or show your new products, this is a great goal to choose, with Video views you can find how many users see ads and which one of them visits your site or buy products.

Pinterest advertising for Conversions

According to your ads goods, you can encourage Pinterest users to register on your website, install your app, buy something or subscribe to your newsletter. This is based on the Conversions rate goal.

Pinterest advertising for Consideration

Do you use CTA on Pinterest ads? What do you think about using creative CTA to send people to your website or page category of your products? Pinterest advertising based on Consideration helps you in this way. With these goals, you can increase the traffic of your website or your landing page.

Pinterest Ads for Catalog sales

Mount of sales of the product is very important for businesses. If your company needs to this target, Pinterest advertising based on Catalog sales is a great choice for you.

Type of Pinterest ads

There are different types of ads on Pinterest. You can choose one or more of them based on your advertising strategy on Pinterest. AD1 agency introduces Pinterest advertising to you. After reading the below part, you can choose the best method for your company.

  • Video Ads on Pinterest
  • App Install Ads on Pinterest
  • Carousel Ads on Pinterest
  • Shopping Ads on Pinterest
  • Collections Ads on Pinterest
  • Static Ads on Pinterest

Video Ads on Pinterest

Video Ads are a kind of popular content on Pinterest. When you plan to make a pin on Pinterest, pay attention video content doesn’t work for all brands or pins. Almost all Pinterest users choose this type to promote their products, services, or introduce their brand. But, there is an amazing result in seeing a video by Pinterest users. Case studies show more than one billion video viewers have this platform every day, also. Video pins work the same as other pins because video pins and other pins on Pinterest have the same size.

For sharing videos on Pinterest, first of all, you should optimize that form to .mp4, .mov, and .m4v. Then, Remember the maximum file size of 2 GB is an acceptable format in this network. You should choose a video ranging in length from 4 seconds to 15 minutes. Encoding of your video should be H.264 or H.265 and the Aspect ratio should be Shorter than 1:2 (max-width: height), taller than 1.91:1.

App Install Ads on Pinterest

If you make a great application and want to show that to lots of people around the world, app installing ads on Pinterest is a great way to do that. On this social platform, you can introduce your application and usage of that. On the other hand, you can engage people to install your application.

In this Pinterest ads type, you can make a special link to the Apple Store or Google Play for pins, and when someone clicks on the ads, the link opens to install the app without leaving Pinterest.

Carousel Ads on Pinterest

On the Carousel Ads on Pinterest, you can make a collection of photos to show users. This feature is always there on Instagram and social media users similar to that. This Pinterest ads type work on both desktop and mobile and you can add 5 photos on Carousel Ads to show the people. Also, you can add descriptions and links to photos and guide people to find your product or services.

For the start of this advertising, you need Up to 5 images with File type PNG or JPEG. The aspect ratio accepted on the Carousel Ads on Pinterest is 1:1 or 2:3 and you can add titles with Up to 100 characters and Description Up to 500 characters on these ads.

Shopping Ads on Pinterest

If you have an ad campaign and want to sell something, these Pinterest ads work for you. In this method, your products show in the feeds of users looking to buy. Users can tap on the pins of Shopping Ads and find more information about the product.

Collections Ads on Pinterest

In this type, you have the main large photos in the center of the pins and three or four small photos below that. Before you run this advertising, you should set up Pinterest’s feed ingestion tool called the Catalog.

Static Ads on Pinterest

In this Pinterest ads type, we have big pin images with .png or .jpeg format and 20 MB in size. The aspect ratio of this advertising is 1000 x 1500 pixels and shows photos on the Pinterest user’s feed.


Pinterest ads help to grow brand awareness and increase site traffic and sales. In his article, we talk about what is Pinterest advertising and why we need it to know Pinterest ads type. This is the first step to run successful ads on this platform, AD1 agency teams update this article regularly and suggest you come back to this article to complete your knowledge about Pinterest advertising 2022.