Pinterest Advertising management

Engage with a specific and highly-targeted audience with a managed social media campaign for Pinterest that generates awareness, sales, and more for your business.

Pinterest introduces Search ads with Keyword and Shopping campaigns

Pinterest advertising can work for a range of marketing goals such as brand awareness or sales growth.

You can think of Pinterest as a platform of ‘ideas’ where users browse and search for inspiration on products and topics through visual ‘pins’. Pinterest Ads can combine keyword and interest targeting, allowing you to get your products and ideas in front of the right people, at the right time.

Our Pinterest Ads management includes strategy, set up, and ongoing optimisation, which is perfect for those that are looking to expand their PPC marketing portfolio.

Promoted pins
This is the most basic ad format that looks like your standard pin. They help you reach more leads.
Promoted video pins
These are videos that appear in search results as promoted posts. They inspire people to try new things and give a new perspective to your products.
Promoted carousels
Promoted carousels contain multiple images for Pinners. Pinterst allows you to add up to five images that users can swipe through to learn about your product or brand.
Promoted app pins
These ads allow people to discover and download new apps. When someone clicks on the ad, it takes them directly to download the app without leaving Pinterest.

Why should I use Pinterest advertising services?

Of all the social media sites available to your business, you may have put Pinterest last on your list. Considering that 81 percent of Pinterest users are female, it may seem like there is a narrow market for reaching potential leads. However, Pinterest is a great place to advertise your business to reach new leads.

Here are three reasons to invest in Pinterest advertising services:

What goals can I set for my Pinterest ads?

  • Increase awarness
  • Increase engagement
  • Boost traffic
  • Promote apps
  • Boost video views


$560Monthly fee
  • 03 Campaigns
  • 04 Ad Copies/month
  • Ad Spent Limit Upto $2000/month
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Creation of the Ad Text and Images – Basic Level
  • ✔️ Remarketing Campaigns
  • ❌ Bid Management


$1100Monthly fee
  • 05 Campaigns
  • 10 Ad Copies/month
  • Ad Spent Limit Upto $4000/month
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Creation of the Ad Text and Images – Advanced Level
  • ✔️ Remarketing Campaigns
  • ❌ Bid Management

Why choose to Pinterest ads Optimization ?