Affiliate Marketing for Skin Care Company

The foundation was built upon providing uncompromised high quality products to aid friend and family to achieve a successful transition from old habits of smoking to a more conscious and aware lifestyle with plant based ingredients hand crafted to produce the finest and best vape.

Prior to Affiliate Marketing

In May 2016 the FDA outlined regulations that extended its authority to electronic cigarettes and eliquids which affected its advertisement directly on Google and Facebook as per law. The Company wanted a mode of promoting its product so preferred Affiliate Marketing Management services to increase the overall business revenue & clientele.Keeping in consideration with all aspect and studying the product, we suggested them to Join ShareASale Network.

Our Approach

  • After reviewing the product, website popularity and budget we suggested them with ShareASale Network.
  • As it had never been tied up with the network we started with the initial setup with ShareASale by adding creative inventory like Banners, Coupon Code, Text Links, Creating Email Responders etc. as per requirements
  • We provide the client discount over the set-up fees as well provided 100% discount on Feature Program Category which was considered profitable to the brand in prospect of promotion in ShareASale Network.
  • As it was initially setup we created a Time Line Activity Chart in which the promotional activitieswas conducted in the mentioned frame of time periodically.

  • Following the promotional activities the brand now has approximately 500+ affiliates in their campaign.
  • We provided the affiliates various creative banners, offers/discount as per holiday & event promotion, which was constantly updated to the affiliates through newsletters and personalized emails
  • Leverage relationships with other bloggers and top performing affiliates to achieve the weekly target which further helped us to bring the brand in the TOP 350 merchant list of ShareASale Network


By the end on 2017 the affiliate count was approximately 500+. And their sale conversion ratio was increased by 10.79% approx and is also counted under TOP 350 Merchant Listed in ShareASale Network

Affiliate Program Performance in Network

Below is the graph which shows the performance of the brand, which has improved drastically in the coming years resulted in increased level of traffic from the targeted audience as well as number of sales generated from them.

0 Sales Amount