we was create a lead generation campaign on Facebook

For franchise business in Melbourne with the aim of increasing sales lead

CPL campaigns are launched to increase sales leads for businesses that have a sales and CRM team to track leads and potential customers. The campaign will be created to collect phone numbers, emails and information from people who are interested in your products and services.


The main challenge of this CPL campaign was low advertising budget and high competition in the target market. In addition to reducing the cost of each lead, we also had to increase the number of leads.

Problems Earlier

Cost per Lead was not cost-effective for the customer between $ 13 and $ 14. They asked us to get more lead and reduce the conversion rate.

What problems reduced the performance of ads on Facebook?
  • No Proper targeting
  • Not attractive Ad Copies
  • Facebook Pixel Not present.
  • A/B testing was not done
  • Regular monitering of the campaign was not done.
Solution & Process
By changing the text, description and images of the ad, the performance of the campaign changed significantly and more leads were generated

To decrease the cost per lead. Below are few more strategies we applied on the campaigns.


Within three months, we increased the number of leads and sales leads from 2 to 42 leads per day and reduced the cost per lead to $6.

Campaign Performance Comparison

first month (1st to 30th) APRIL

campaign performance lead generation- advertising on Facebook increase lead - first month

second month (1st to 30th) MAY

 advertising on Facebook increase lead - second month

Third month (1st to 30th) JUNE

campaign performance lead generation - Third Month