Case Study for Veterinary Business

To help our clients increase their organic likes and enagement.


The main challenge for this account was to generate engagement and reach of the social media pages and generate traffic for their website as pages like this usually gets low engagement

Problem Earlier

The organic likes, reach and engagement was too low.

Reason for low engagement
  • Likes, engagement on the page was really low.
  • No consistency in posting
  • No attractive images for engagemen
  • Less variety in content
  • Regular monitoring on page was not done
Solution & Process

As earlier, the page is not getting good likes and engagement, we started with doing R&D on the website, their services and what they offer. We started to post Motivational posts, facts, trivia and fun facts, asked questions to the audience to increase the engagement so that the audience will connect to the page. We started to post images on daily basis. The more likes and engagement we got is through posting animals videos and interactive posts

Our objectives were:


After doing detailed study of the page, we shared images on regular basis which created organic engagement, reach and likes. We also shared good and variety of images and videos. Our turning point in increasing page likes and engagement was sharing videos of animals and interactive posts which connected audience with the page. Over a period of time we saw steady progress on page in terms of organic likes and engagement.

Dynamic changes in Organic Page Likes

Dynamic changes in Organic Page Likes for Veterinary-Business2 smo company services

Example of a Fact Post

social media marketing and optimazation Business Post

Example of a Video (Engagement)

social media marketing for Veterinary-Business increase Video(Engagement)

Example of Business Post (Reach)

 Interactive post for Veterinary-Business socail media optimazation services agency