Do you know Pinterest? What do you think about this social media? If you are new to this network, in the first step you think Pinterest is a smart search engine for finding beautiful photos about anything. But this is not the correct opinion. Because on Pinterest you can find the video, website links, and business creative advertising such as catalogs pins, etc.

This is the best feature of Pinterest, you can use the main keyword of anything you need to know about that and find lots of related searches. For example, when you want to make new food, Pinterest helps you to find great recipes to do that. But this is not the complete advantage of this social media!

In this article, AD1 agency helps you to know Pinterest Ads Benefits for Business and use this social network for selling your product or finding a new audience for your website or services.

Pinterest Ads Benefits for Business

You can make boards and pins on Pinterest for your business. Pinterest shows pins on this social network business to all user interest of them. For example, if you see photos of home décor or accessories Pinterest shows other photos related to this keyword to you. This is the best opportunity for business retargeting advertising.

If you don’t plan to use Pinterest for your business, we recommend reading this Pinterest Ads Benefits for Business, then deciding to add Pinterest to your social media strategies or not.

Pinterest shows pins on this social network business to all user interest of them


1) Business Brand Awareness with Pinterest

Everyone knows the popular business and their product or services. But when you start a new business, you should make a plan for advertising and increase your business brand awareness. Pinterest ads are the best future for this goal.

Pinterest pins help the business owner make creative content and pay attention to this social network for their business. When you pin a post on Pinterest, this is one step to branding your small business. Because more than 100 million people use Pinterest and some of them see your pins and follow your business or see your product on the website.

Pinterest people use this media to find new ideas. This is the best opportunity to make new creative pins. In addition to your regular pins on your Pinterest page, you can use ad pins to make brand awareness for your business.

All businesses use Pinterest for 3 goals. They are brand awareness, increase brand favorites, and brand perceptions. Pinterest is a free social network and everyone only sees Pinterest pins on this media. Because copying Pinterest posts and ideas for other social media is difficult.

Pinterest is a free social network and everyone only sees Pinterest pins on this media


2) Increase Your Website Traffic and Sales

You should post high-quality photos on Pinterest. These photos and videos direct people to users on your website. Although Pinterest can increase your website traffic and your product or services sales. Based on a Pinterest report, more than 83% of pins on Pinterest make users to the buyer.

If you want direct organic traffic to your website. This is one of the important Pinterest Ads Benefits for Business. Because when you are starting a new business and want to find some way to direct people to your website, Pinterest ads help you to have real customers and increase your conversion rate and reach with your product category photos, etc. on this social media.

3) Strong Pinterest Search

Pinterest works like a smart search engine. You can search the main keyword and related keywords on the search box and find photos and videos about your issue. You can add three or more related keywords to your Pinterest pins. After that, when a Pinterest user searches those words, find your pins and save that.

This keyword increases visiting your Pinterest profile, Finds pins within categories, and directs Pinterest users to pins they are interested in that. This Pinterest Ads Benefits for Business is like running a Google AdWords campaign but free. On the other hand, this keyword stays on Pinterest, and new users of this social media can see your pins. This is a big advantage of Pinterest for all online businesses.

Pinterest works like a smart search engine.



Pinterest ads have a lot of advantages for popular and small businesses. You can use these network pins to show your product and services. Also, Pinterest is such a big beautiful album and you can create boards on this platform and make branding for your new business. Pinterest ads have a low cost compared to other platforms and this network reach and conversion rate of Pinterest pins is amazing.

AD1 agency helps you to try branding and run ads in Pinterest with the best result. Connect our consultant and start marketing on Pinterest for your business.

FAQ of Pinterest Ads Benefits for Business+ answer

1) Are Pinterest ads effective?

More than 96% of Pinterest users are active regularly on this social media and about 87% of them buy something when they see that on pins. These show Pinterest ads are effective.

2) Is Pinterest ads better than Facebook ads?

When you run Pinterest ads, your pins stay on Pinterest. But Facebook ads run at a special time and after that Facebook users cannot see them.

3) How many keywords should you use on Pinterest ads?

Pinterest recommends businesses use a minimum of 25 keywords on this social media. To select this keyword you should pay attention to words related to your business and pins.