How To Send Bulk Message on Instagram ?

Advertising on Instagram is done by bulk mentioning and sending targeted direct messages. Choosing the Accurate targeting and the right audience is one of the attractions of Mention & Direct Instagram advertising. This method of organic advertising without damaging your page causes:

  • See your post more.

  • Get more likes and comments

  • Increase your profile views

  • More people interact with your post.

  • More people will know your page and follow you.

  • More people will know about your product and service and buy from you.

How can I send many people a single message on Instagram?

Send bulk and targeted Direct with Instagram post link

With this method, you can transfer the text and link of your post or website link through our system to the direct followers of your target page

Your message will be sent directly to people with our system accounts, and this method is not dangerous for your page.

Choose your audiences

Show your post exactly to your audience

How to advertise metions Instagram?

Tags and mention of your audiences under your Instagram post

Bulk mention on instagram postbulk tags user on instagram & send direct messeges

bulk Mention & tag advertising on Instagram means that under your Instagram post, your target audience’s ID will be taged in the comments, and this will send them a notification from Instagram, your post will be seen by those people, whatever Choose your targeting more accurately . Your post will get more likes and engagements.
To choose the right target, you can order a bulk mention & tag based on rival page followers or similar post likes, or define your target based on your location, gender

Bulk Instagram DM (direct masseges) and Mention

Awareness and branding

With this advertising, more and more people will know your page, product and service

We design a professional post in which we explain well about your product and service

  • For local people to see your post will Mention

  • We find people who like a related post and we mention them under your post
  • We will Mention your competitor’s page followers under your post
  • Find people who are relevant to your business and post them under your post…

Attention and interaction with contacts

Invite your audience to learn more about your products and services

You can connect with the target community via Mention and Direct Instagram ads and connect with users by providing engaging video content (photos and videos) and engaging (like and comment).

  • Increase targeted likes and comments

  • Increase video views
  • Targeted follower increase
  • Increase profile views

How can I send many people a single message and mention on Instagram?