Increase Product Sales with CPO Ads

Why Do We Recommend CPO or Cost Per Order ads?

CPO or Cost per Order advertising is a kind of result-oriented advertising method in which you pay for each completed sale or shopping cart. This advertising model is attractive for online stores because they can control advertising costs according to the profit margin of the product.

Normally, when you advertise for your online store, part of your investment will definitely be wasted without results. Still, with the CPO result-oriented advertising method, we are responsible for the whole process of producing and publishing advertising content. We give   We display your ads to the domestic and Persian media or international platforms, search engines, and social networks for free.

We will introduce your product to them and invite the audience to order online and complete the shopping cart, and the cost is only deducted from the defined deposit for each completed shopping cart or order.

Pay for Completed Order or Shopping Cart

We are aware of the interests and behavioral characteristics, and needs of users in the social media, and according to the products you offer, we prepare a list of your audience persona and run the CPO advertising campaign in the form of a banner, native ads, video, interactive, push notifications, text, etc. and publish them in international networks and platforms that your audiences have the most presence(Google and display network, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, messengers). Then we direct people who need your product to the shopping page.

What Is the Cost Per Completed Order or Cost Per Order in CPO Ads?

The approximate cost of each Order varies according to the type of product, brand reputation, type of advertising, the attractiveness of the offer, and other factors.

After 7-10 days from the publication of the ads, We will determine the approximate rate for each product order or Cost Per Order for the CPO campaign.

Keep in mind that in the early days and weeks of result-oriented campaigns, the cost of each conversion is higher than usual, and the average conversion cost decreases gradually and with continuous optimization. Once the cost of each order is determined, all you have to do is set a monthly budget for the number of sales you need.

Steps of Implementing a CPO Result-oriented Campaign

CPO or Cost per Order advertising is a payment method in result-oriented advertising in which the advertiser pays an amount to the advertising agency for each order placed by the advertising audience.

Product sales marketing or CPO advertising is suitable for online stores, online retailers, and all online stores of physical or virtual products.

Depending on the products you offer and your target market, Ad1 Advertising Agency publishes the CPO advertising campaign on international networks such as Google Ads and Google Display Network, Facebook Ads and the network of Facebook partners, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram, messengers, video banner ads, native ads, push notifications and Persian media and guides people to buy the product and complete the order.

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