Call advertising or Call only advertising

Increase Phone Sales and Calls with Result Oriented Ads

A CPA campaign concentrates your internet advertising on your phone number to the audience, and when people call your business, you are charged.

Our Call ADS services result-oriented advertising includ a comprehensive process of developing and publishing advertising content; your ads are shown on local media, search engines, and social networks, and visitors are invited to click on your contact information or phone number for more information. you will charged only be for successful telephone calls.

If your advertising goal is only to get your audience to call you, CPA advertising is a great choice for you. During this form of campaign, the audience is redirected to the contact page of the phone or tablet by clicking on the CTA button.

Where Are Phone Call Ads Published?

Call-Only Ads are published locally on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Bing, Yandex, and other media related to your business.  We select the audience depending on the services you provide and the language and location of your target market. People who need your services see your contact information on mobile and tablet devices and then contact you.

How Much Does Cost Per Phone Call Lead?

Each call advertising campaign is priced based on location, competitor activity, content appeal, and type of service category. After running the campaign for seven to ten days, the price and value of each call for your campaign will be determined. (Note: the first days when results-oriented campaigns start, the cost of each conversion is usually higher than usual, and with daily optimization, the cost will be lower). After calculating the cost per call, just tell us how many calls you want with your business per day?!

The Procedure of Result-oriented Call ads

call advertising is a kind of result-oriented advertising where you pay AD1 agency per each call to your business phone number. These ads are through local advertising, mobile advertising, and advertising on search engines.

A CPP (Cost Per Phone Call) advertisement method is ideally suited to local businesses providing delivery and telephone services, as well as telemarketing and consulting services.

The audience attracted to Call Ads is tracked and calculated through phone call tracking services or by counting clicks on your phone number.

Based on the services you provide, the language, and the location of your target market, CPA campaigns or Call-Only Ads are published locally on cell phones and tablet devices. It invites people looking for your services to contact you.

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