Retargeting Ad Marketing
Get a second chance to make the sale.

The Remarketing Code that gets installed on your website writes a cookie to the computer, tablet or smart phone that visited your web pages. As that person visits one of the millions of websites that have opted into Google’s “Display Ad Network”, that website is eligible to display your ad.

If that person does not click on your ad, it costs nothing. Like Display Ads, Remarketing Ads are “pay-per-click” ads, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. The big advantage is that your ads may display on several hundred websites before someone clicks on your ad and you incur a cost – reminding your recent website visitors of your products and services.

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About 98% of all web users don’t convert on their first visit. Online shoppers are becoming increasingly careful of their online spending. With so much competition in online sales, it’s crucial for online stores to put the effort in to earn a second chance. We can provide you that unique edge over your competition by targeting them and bringing them in front of your brand once again. Our retargeting campaigns aim to track each visitor to your website, add them to an audience, and follow them with branded ads across the web, eventually driving them back.

Bonus Suggestion: If you want to target ads to specific people, then they can simply email those people a link to your website – perhaps a free white paper or other reason for them to visit. That will then put them on your remarketing list and customers will see your ads all over the internet for the next x number of days.

Audience Retention Making sure to keep your audience.

Due to the nature of the internet, it can become difficult to retain visitors on your website. We work to ensure your visitors are always coming back to see the latest deals and offerings. This gives you the best chance to convert them and keeps them in tune with your brand.

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Retargeting Competition Analysis
Learn from your competitors in retargeting.

We analyze the competition to understand what they’re doing to bring their visitors back. Not only does this give us insight into new avenues to target, we can also identify holes in their plan to help you obtain a competitive advantage. By understanding the different channels they’re advertising on, we can place your brand in a competitive position while targeting the low-cost channels they aren’t using with a different strategy. We continue to analyze your competition and the industry as a whole to adapt your retargeting campaign to new trends and developments.

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Standard Re marketing

Visitors who have already visited your site or app see your ads on apps and other websites. Standard Remarketing uses the Google Display Network to display your ad. The Google Display Network includes millions of different sites or applications that Google uses to display ads.

APP Re marketing

APP Re marketing

Show ads to people who have used the mobile app or mobile version of your website, within the app and other mobile sites

Dynamic Re marketing

Dynamic Re marketing

Dynamic Remarketing with Analytics lets you show remarketing ads for content or products that are most likely to interest your users based on the content or products they viewed on your site, related and top-performing content and products, as well as their purchase histories and demographics.

Re marketing lists for search ads

Re marketing lists for search ads

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) is a feature that lets you customize your search ads campaign for people who have previously visited your site, and tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and search partner sites.

Video Re marketing

Video Re marketing

You can use remarketing lists for video campaigns to show personalized ads to viewers across YouTube, Google video partner sites, and Search.

Customer List Re marketing

Customer List Re marketing

To do this, first upload a list of email addresses or newsletter members and create a remarketing campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Google Ads

Our Comprehensive Approach to Retargeting Campaigns

We are serious about giving you the second chance to win over a potential customer.

Remarketing ads are done to people whose email address you have, in retargeting ads through the browser cookies of people who have already visited your site or app, or who have installed your app, or who have left their shopping cart half-finished We are targeting

Through social networks and the Facebook Ads platform, Twitter Ads, we can prepare a special retargeting list of visitors to your site and application, based on the pages they have visited, the purchases they have made, gender and age, geometric features. (Occupation, marital status, education status, residential property status and family status), behavior and interests, location and location

With LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences, we can display ads to LinkedIn users who have visited your website or app, or create a special list of people who behave similarly to our current audience.