Prior to SEO

One of the clients from the accredited investor industry didn’t have any SEO implemented on their website and wanted to explore their marketing budget with SEO. When they signed up with our company, four keywords were ranking on page 1 of Google.

Our Approach

  • Being a niche industry, we identified the most relevant keywords with the help of extensive keywords research.

  • Since no SEO optimization work had taken place prior to our arrival, we designed and implemented an SEO campaign that included the basic on-page and off-page optimization in the initial stage.

  • We developed and distributed SEO friendly content on relevant websites.

  • We created and distributed videos about the business and the services they offered.

  • We moved toward a custom strategy of writing relevant blog articles that would talk more about their industry and new updates.

  • To give a push to the visibility of the blog articles, we developed informative content and syndicated them to build backlinks for these blog articles.

  • We also created voiceover videos explaining their industry jargons and uploaded it on their YouTube channel.

  • The primary goal was to get critical information in front of their users.

  • We also developed infographic designs, bringing vital information in a digital format that is easier to understand.

  • These videos were later shared across top industry sites with the help of the client.

  • The custom approach of writing relevant blog articles, creating voiceover videos, infographic designs and building backlinks overall helped to rank long tail keywords on Page 1.

  • This improved organic traffic consistently every month, which wouldn’t have been possible with basic on-page and off-page SEO strategies.


In a year, the number of keywords ranking on the First Page of Google went up to 74 – an increase of 184%.

 seo for verification accredited investor
*Major Search Engines defined as Google and Bing
The website received 947 organic traffic visits last year in January 2017.
In a year, the organic traffic improved by 285% to 3,781 visits a month.