Can My Business Benefit from Facebook Ads?

While Google Ads is perfect for targeting people that need something and are actively looking for it, Facebook allows us to target people because of who they are, what they do online, and their interests. Whether you want to generate leads or direct sales, Facebook can be a great way to get directly in front of your target customers where they’re spending a lot of their time.

We set the best objective for your business


We will increase actions on your site or app. Whether you want purchases, leads, registrations or other type of conversions
We will show the right products to the right buyers and increase your Catalogue Sales

We will Increase Your Store Traffic .Bridge the gap between people’s online and offline shopping journeys by driving store visits, sales and other valuable actions at your physical store locations.


We will Grow the number of people who are visiting your site, app or Messenger conversation, and increase the likelihood they’ll take a valuable action when they get there.
We will Get more people to follow your Page or engage with your posts through comments, shares and likes. You can also choose to optimize for more event responses or offer claims.
We will Drive more installs of your app by linking directly to the App Store and Google Play store. You can also choose to target high-value users.
We can show your videos to people who are most likely to be interested and increase your video views
We will increase your sale leads and make it easy for interested people to learn more about your business and Encourage them to sign up for more info or spend time with your app or website.
We will increase your Messenger interactions. so you can answer questions, collect leads and boost sales.


We will Increase overall awareness for your brand by showing ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them
We Show ads to the maximum number of people in your audience and will Increase your reach near your business locations

Facebook reaches over 500 million users. We make sure you reach them.

Facebook automatically displays your campaign to people who may be more interested in seeing your ads
  • Reach new people whose interests are similar to those of your best customers. (Lookalike Audiences)
  • We target your audience based on the keywords and topic they follow

  • We can target your audience by location, country, city, neighborhood, zip code,age, gender and demographic ,language and device type
  • We can publish your ads to customers and contacts on Facebook using the information provided by your CRM system or email lists. We can even use the information you collect to re-target. (Custom Audiences)
 Facebook Advertising Management

Expert in audience targeting strategies

  • If you’re a developer, install the Facebook SDK to create more relevant ads that drive people to take in-app actions like returning to a game, viewing an item or making a purchase.
  • We can set up the Facebook pixel to automatically create a Custom Audience of people who visit your site or take certain actions there. With the pixel, you’ll be able to show people targeted ads for items they’ve previously viewed on your website. (retargeting)
  • We can display your ads to people who are connected to your Facebook Page or event, or exclude them to find new audiences!

We choose the best place to display your ad

Facebook Feed Ads

Facebook Feed Ads

  • Facebook News Feed : Your ads will be displayed in the news network section in the desktop / mobile / web version of Facebook
  • Instagram feed: Your ads will be displayed on Instagram feed
  • Facebook Marketplace: Your product ads are displayed on the Marketplace homepage or Marketplace search
  • Facebook video feeds:Your video ads will be displayed between organic movies on Facebook Watch and Facebook News
  • Facebook right column:Your banner ads are displayed in the right columns of Facebook in the desktop and web versions.
  • Instagram Explore: Your ads will be displayed on your market’s Instagram Explorer
  • Messenger Inbox : Your ads are displayed on the Messenger home screen
Advertising on Instagram and Facebook

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook

Vertical ads are displayed on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger stories

Facebook In stream videos

Facebook In stream videos

Your ads will be displayed before, during or after popular videos

Facebook ads, Facebook search ads

Facebook ads, Facebook search ads

Facebook Search Results: Your ads appear next to Facebook and Marketplace search results.

Messenger Sponsored Messages

Messenger Sponsored Messages ON FACEBOOK

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles ADS

Facebook Instant Articles ADS : Your ads appear in the Facebook category’s thematic categories.



Your ads will be displayed on Facebook affiliate programs
Audience Network native, banner and interstitial: Your banner ads are displayed on the Audience Network and Facebook Group Apps applications.
Audience Network rewarded videos: Your ads are displayed on the Facebook Rewards Network

Leave the Facebook ads to the Facebook marketing team

Firstly, our Facebook Ads will discuss the sort of traffic and goals that you’re looking to achieve. Are you looking to sell a product, generate leads, grow your audience, or build awareness? Even if your goals are not crystal clear just yet, we’ll help you identify exactly what you need your customers to be doing and how to get them doing it.

Facebook Ads give us a number of ways to find who and where your potential customers are, starting with a “best estimate” audience. We monitor the performance of the Ads we’re running for this audience and then refine them throughout the campaign, adding new audiences and repeating the process, each time improving the results and reducing inefficiency.

Scale up

Once you are at a profitable cost per acquisition, it’s time to scale up the campaign. Scaling too fast or too carelessly won’t help the metrics we’ve worked so hard to build. So just like anything else to do with Facebook Ads, the scaling itself has to be managed properly.

Creating the Ads

here’s an art and a science to Facebook ad creation. While Google Ads gives you four lines of text to play with, Facebook gives you headlines, ad copy, button text, link title, link description, and ad design and type. We handle all of this for you and use different versions of each element, creating variations for each ad so that we can back winners and, through evolution, reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA).

Measuring and tracking

No Facebook advertising campaign stays profitable forever unless it is constantly monitored and managed. Audience saturation, ad blindness and offer fatigue all set in unless a campaign is rigorously tracked and tweaked.

Whereas “set and forget” campaigns decrease in efficiency as time goes on, we strip away under-performing audience segments and actually increase campaign performance over time.

Why Choose AD1 team Facebook Ads Management?

As Facebook’s advertising product has grown, the complexity has increased. The platform is developing so quickly that changes are frequent. Just to keep up with the new features is a job in itself

To make the most of features like custom audiences, conversion optimisation and advanced interest targeting, you need to AD1.

Our Facebook Ads Management takes care of setting up and optimising your campaign. We design all the Ads and graphics, install the tracking pixels, split-test audiences and keep an eye on the all-important analytics as the campaign progresses. We’ll constantly refine and improve your campaign’s efficiency, leaving you free to get on with serving the leads it generates.

Maximising Your Profit

Because we know what matters to you, we track the success of every Facebook Ads campaign by one metric: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). In other words, how much does it cost to generate you a lead or customer?

Once we have measured this number, we work tirelessly to reduce it. By focusing our attention on the ad and audience combinations that bring in the most conversions, we’re able to constantly increase the profitability of the campaign. Once the CPA is profitable, we’ll suggest increasing your Facebook Ads budget to scale up, increasing your profit from the Ads as a result.

Clear reporting

We believe that you should always know what your budget is being spent on. That’s why we provide clear reports for all our services which break down exactly what we’ve done, why we’ve done it and the results that it has brought. We’ll also explain what we have planned for the next month, so you’re always in the loop with progress.

Are you ready to start Facebook advertising with AD1 Agency