When you surf the internet and see Pinterest photos, it is very exciting to find your business photos and videos on Pinterest among other content. Because when you find this content and see them, all people around the world have the same condition and they can find your amazing content on Pinterest and react to them.

Although this is a big opportunity to show your brand, your product, or your services to all Pinterest users around the world, and you have a big chance for the branding of your business and more selling.

Pinterest is free to use when you create a board and pin photos or videos on this social media. But there is the best way to make your page stronger on this platform and show your Pinterest boards to more people.

Pinterest ads help you to make ads pin and pay attention to all users to them. Your ads pins stay on Pinterest and you can use them again and again for Pinterest’s new users to attract them to your brand. In this article AD1 agency helps to find anything about Pinterest advertising costs in the New Year and run a Pinterest advertising campaign smarter.

Why run advertisements on Pinterest?

You can find anything on Pinterest with the main keyword of your issue. For example when you need an idea about home style or clothes, only should type your keyword on the Pinterest strong search engine. After that, you have one album with creative photos and videos on this media and can use Pinterest.

Also, Pinterest gives you a plan to create the board and save these pins on your board for use another time. For this reason, Pinterest is a popular social media site these days and this network user grows up every day.

All Pinterest users can create accounts, pin photos, and videos, and create boards for free. They cannot understand why Pinterest users need Pinterest ads and what are these chosen advantages? Although in this part we want to bring some advantages to this media ads.

  • In 2019 and after that Pinterest will generate more than 1 billion ads.
  • More than 97% of Pinterest ads don’t have any mark and businesses pay Pinterest advertising costs and run them like organic content of this network.
  • Pinterest’s users search on this social media to buy something and the shopping rate on this platform is more than 48%.
  • You can use Pinterest ads for introducing your new product and services to people and analyze their behavior about that.
  • Pinterest is the best platform to run advertising on the Special times like Valentine’s Day and Christmas
Why run advertisements on Pinterest?


What are the Different Ways to Advertise on Pinterest?

Pinterest has a different format for advertising and businesses can choose one of them or more than one Pinterest ad to brand awareness, direct traffic to their website, lead generation and increase their sales. In the below AD1 agency gives you a popular Pinterest ads type.

  • Image or photos on Pinterest
  • Video pins  on the Pinterest
  • Shopping pins with product cos and website direct link
  • Carousel advertising on Pinterest.
  • Collections ads on Pinterest

Cost of Advertising on Pinterest

After you know different types of advertising for Pinterest, this is the time to choose your formats and star Pinterest ads. For this plan, you should find Pinterest advertising cost or Pinterest ads cost and start your ads based on your business budget.

At the start of Pinterest ads usually, businesses have four goals. They make brand awareness for businesses, boost the engagement of their network, increase website traffic, and more sales.

If your goal is to build brand awareness, Pinterest CPM ads are good for you. This Pinterest advertising cost is about $2.00 to $5.00 per thousand impressions.  When you run Pinterest ads to boost the engagement of business, you should pay $0.10 and $1.50 per engagement. For driving web traffic advertising this payment is between $0.10 and $1.50.

For estimated your business Pinterest advertising costs you work the same as other social media. For this media, you should choose some keyword for advertising and Pinterest shows the content of your ad between other content on your Competitor’s pins. Based on your brand popularity and the amount of your business Competitive, your Pinterest ads cost is calculated.

According to a study on Pinterest ads, when you want to run an advertisement with a popular keyword, you should pay around 5$ for one engagement on the Pinterest CPM campaign. But when you run a CPM campaign for a special keyword with low popularity, this cost is about 2$ for one engagement on the CPM campaign.

on the Below, you can see a complete chart about Pinterest advertising costs. These cost chart  help you to plan your Pinterest ads campaign.

Pinterest ads cost chart

Kind of ads Cost Goals
Building brand awareness $2.00 – $5.00 1000 impressions
Boosting engagement $0.10 – $1.50 per engagement
Driving web traffic $0.10 – $1.50 per engagement

How much do Pinterest ads cost per month?

When you want to run Pinterest ads for small and medium businesses, you should spend 1500$ to 2500$ for the Pinterest advertising campaign. But for big and popular businesses this cost is more. Because this business should run smart advertising and pin better content compared to their Competitors.

Step of set up promoted pins on Pinterest

Which step do we have to do to run a Pinterest advertising campaign? In this part, the AD1 agency helps you to run Pinterest promotion ads easily. These are steps you should do to create Pinterest advertising:

  • Get a Pinterest business account
  • Select your pin to ads
  • Select your keywords to run ads
  • Target your audience
  • Set your maximum campaign budget
  • Set  the URL on the pins
  • Launch your advertising campaign
  •  start tracking campaign with Pinterest analytics
Step of set up promoted pins on Pinterest



To run Pinterest ads you should have a strategic plan for Pinterest advertising costs. in This article, AD1 agency helps you to estimate this network ads cost and run the best Pinterest campaign based on your goals and your budget. To start, your first Pinterest advertising connects with our teams.

FAQ Pinterest ads cost + answers

1) Are Pinterest ads worth it in 2022?

Pinterest ads are an easier way to show products or services to people. You can only use this platform for promoting your brand or selling more. Because more than 50% of Pinterest users buy something when they see it on this platform.

2) How much do Pinterest ads cost per day?

You can start a Pinterest ads campaign based on your business’s biggest. But for the first time it is recommended to start with 1$ to 20$ for the test.

3) Are Pinterest ads cheaper than Facebook ads? 

The case studies show Pinterest ads are less expensive than advertising on Facebook. However, this can be relative to business goals for running ads campaigns and popularity or newest of your keywords.