Do you use Pinterest for E-commerce? What do you think about that? Does it be effective on your product sales or not? Most people use Pinterest for seeing interesting photos and videos about amazing things like food, style, travel, and furniture. Therefore, they think Pinterest was created for entertainment and this social media doesn’t work for businesses. But this isn’t correct. Because Pinterest with more than 320 million users is the third largest social network in the United States and one of the most popular social media in the world.

If you have a new brand and want to start selling fast, Pinterest is the best social media for you. You can jump from parts of the sales funnel like awareness and consideration, and sales productivity with a few steps in this platform.

This social media has many options to create links between product pages, add your website URL, and display collections of products for better sales. Pinterest users can see your video and photos, and click on a product link to buy. This is the secret of Pinterest for showing more photos for more people and increasing e-commerce selling.

Which type of business needs to use Pinterest for E-commerce?

Almost all of the small and popular businesses can use Pinterest e-commerce to improve their sales and brand awareness. Although in your business-related furniture, food, health, and travels, Pinterest is the best showcasing of your products. And the other hand, fashion, and Cosmetics companies can increase their selling with Pinterest for E-commerce.

Although no difference between B2C and B2B companies for uses Pinterest platform benefit for companies.  They can target their audience on this platform for showing their services and product and increase their engagement rate and bestselling.

Which type of business needs to use Pinterest for E-commerce?


Which Consumers use Pinterest for e-commerce?

What do you think about Pinterest for e-commerce Consumers? Do you think this social media user are women or men? Which country has many users on Pinterest?  Do you know more than half of Pinterest users are from us?

Case studies show global Pinterest users are women and businesses should target them for Pinterest ads. This community desire household boards, food, drink, and style, and these pins are more than other section on Pinterest.

The new result of Pinterest signups is very interesting because these days more than 50% of new users on Pinterest are men. So you can plan for a new campaign on Pinterest, especially for men.

Pinterest demographic analysis shows, about 35% of these social media users are between the ages of 18 and 29. But Generally, the ages of most Pinterest in between 30 to 40.

Steps of Setup Pinterest for E-commerce for Sales

First of all, you need a Pinterest business account to start selling on this platform. You can create a new business account for Pinterest for E-commerce or convert your personal account to a Pinterest business account.

After that, you need to make brand awareness and show your product or services to customers on Pinterest. Your logo, fonts, photos, hashtags, and product are very important in this part. If your board, design, CTA, etc are professionals, you can make good awareness and get more followers on this platform. Then, share the post with high-quality and update your e-commerce regularly and grow up your brand and sales.

Your image should make a crazy audience pin or click on them. If you use the unique call to action and creative content for Pinterest posts, everyone interested to see and share them.

Consumers use keywords to find products or services. Therefore, you should use the main SEO keyword for your posts to show them in user search on Pinterest. This is a secret of popular and famous business on Pinterest for E-commerce.

This keyword should be in your pin title and post description. This method helps you increase the reach of your content on this platform. Pay attention to using the hashtag for your post and don’t forget. Because hashtags are the best way to add relevant keywords to your post. To promote your post better, use the main relevant keywords of your products or services on every post on Pinterest.

Remember, when your services or your products are great, these tricks are working and you can create profitable Pinterest for E-commerce. Good products make strong business and customers choose your brand between other brands. Another hand, Pinterest users share your pins with each other and your followers increase every month.

The three sides of the golden triangle for successful business on Pinterest are great products, great content, and wonderful posts.

Steps of Setup Pinterest for E-commerce for Sales


How can l Sell Products on Pinterest?

When you complete Setup Pinterest for E-commerce, this is the best time to start selling. You can create catalogs of your products and upload that to your business account. Be careful to add your website address to your Pinterest business account. Then add your product price on the pins and add category or product URL address. This method helps you to promote your product or services and sell anything easily.

If you are new to Pinterest, paid ads help you to promote your pins and show them to too many peoples. With Pinterest ads, you can send direct traffic to your website and improve your brand awareness, show your products and increase you’re selling.

In a Pinterest ads campaign, you can choose goals, target demographics, and boost your older popular pins for improving your engagement.

Ways to run sales with Pinterest E-commerce

If you can create Pinterest E-commerce successfully, this step help you make your page crowd and increase your follower on Pinterest. These are the secrets of making your Pinterest page popular and getting the attention of these social media users:

  • Design your pin with a special structure to get in the audience’s mind
  • Use photos, Infographics, quotes, and amazing videos on your page
  • Write crazy content and CTA for your posts
  • Send posts about related popular categories on Pinterest such as travel, Women’s style, beauty, and health
  • Pay attention to the trading of your page category and the keyword for daily posts for example in valentine you can create an amazing post about love and related them to your page categories
  • Find a community of related people on your brand and send a direct message to them to use your discount or follow your pages.
  • Make the best community around your brand with loyal customers.
  • Using influencer marketing techniques to attract more people to your brand
  • Track your user data on Pinterest analytics and understand your page audience behavior for providing the best post on Pinterest pins.
Ways to run sales with Pinterest E-commerce


FAQ about Pinterest E-commerce

1) Is Pinterest e-commerce?

Pinterest is a popular social media and there are about 320 million people around the world. This social media was created for sharing photos and videos like the online album.  But with a Pinterest business account, you can make an online shop in Pinterest for driving people to your website and increasing your sales.

2) How does Pinterest help grow e-commerce?

Pinterest has several features and you can make the best experience for your brand audience on this platform. You can sell with keyword targeting on Pinterest and make strong brand awareness.

3) Why Pinterest is good for sales?

More than 70% of Pinterest users’ inspiration of this platform pins to buy something. Although you can make an amazing board with interesting pins on Pinterest and drive people on your website to see your categories of products. Everyone sees photos and their cost of products on Pinterest and when they click on your online shop link, it’s time they want to buy anything.

4) Sells on Pinterest is free?

Creating a personal or business account on Pinterest is free. Also, you can pins photos, videos, and else on this platform for free. Only when you want to promote your oldest pins or increase your follower on this social media, you could use Pinterest paid ads.

5) How selling on Pinterest does work?

To start Pinterest E-commerce and selling on this platform, you should do the below steps:

  • Create an Online Store with free CMS
  • Set Up your Pinterest Business Account
  • Linked Your Online Store to Pinterest Business Account
  • Create amazing Pinterest Boards whit cover
  • create posts every day and pin them on Pinterest
  • Promote Your Pins with Pinterest ads
  • Analyze Your Pinterest business account and improve that.